Healthcare development is our common cause

A better world is a single step away.
Let’s take it together!

Our mission is to provide patients with the highest quality healthcare and access to the most cutting-edge treatment methods. Knowledge and access to innovative solutions is key.
Training doctors, leading advanced clinical research and popularizing breakthrough treatment techniques allows us to take continuous steps towards a better, brighter future for healthcare. Investing in that development increases the well-being of ourselves and those closest to us.

Take the next step with us!

The widest area we are active in is vascular surgery. We pay special attention to the development of endovascular treatments.

We’re also researching the effects of COVID-19 on the cardiovascular system. At the moment experts are not able to find any negative consequences in that area. Studying the survivors of the disease may bring us answers to many important questions.

Our future plans include creating a development initiative for the young minds fascinated by the world of healthcare, so that even the youngest generations can be be inspired and applauded in their pursuit of knowledge.
The Anizja Foundation is comprised of a like-minded team of experts, active for years in the world of healthcare. We bore witness to, even took part in many breakthrough changes. We personally experienced how the introduction of new technologies and treatments increases the comfort of our work and the quality of care given to our patients. Despite everything achieved so far, we strive for more.

The world of healthcare does not sit still. We aim to keep pace with it.

What activities are we involved in?


The development of modern healthcare in Poland

We follow the work of the world’s top experts closely. New methods of treatment or diagnosis? Innovative tools? We are up to date and we continuously pitch the best solutions to the Polish market. We also support research initiatives that allow new pharmaceuticals and treatments to become more widely available.


Advocating for continuous learning within the medical field

As experts we are perfectly aware of the importance of continuously furthering one’s professional skills, widening qualifications and pursuing new trends in modern medicine. As well as from the patient’s perspective. The more well-qualified the doctor, the higher the quality of his care.
This is why we finance workshops, conferences and training sessions for everyone involved in daily patient care.


Progress within vascular surgery and cardiology

The things closest to the heart of our foundation are topics within cardiology and vascular surgery. We work tirelessly to bring innovation in these areas to hospitals and clinics, as well as providing the personnel within with training on methods of treatment and more effective surgery. As a result, patients have a higher chance of successful treatment and a faster return to everyday life.

For the last 5 years we have contributed to the development of healthcare


In the search for the newest healthcare solutions, our grant beneficiaries participated in many conferences around the world. The most interesting ones include The EHRA Congress (One of the most vital cardiological events in Europe), Heart Rhythm Scientific Congress (A global cardiology conference), International Symposium on Venous Interventions, VEITHsymposium (a US-based vascular surgery conference) and the Leipzig Interventional Course.

Clinical Research

We have funded research that influenced modern treatment methods, increasing both the efficacy of the treatment and the chance for the patients to make a full recovery.

Training Sessions

Every year we claim 2-3 research grants that allow us to support the people in the healthcare field in their further development. Over 20 doctors, experts and technicians have participated in our training sessions – both the external international ones and the ones our Foundation organized locally.

Charity Activities

The Foundation has a charitable side as well. A great success for us was the Breast is the Best Initiative. Its aim was the prevention of breast cancer, recuperation from it and the overall awareness of breast reconstruction. During the pandemic we support local healthcare centers with the required personal protective equipment. We also gladly take part in gathering funds for hospices and the treatment of private persons.

We can do a lot of good together.

Do you share our sympathy for the constant improvement of Polish healthcare? Let’s talk about how you can help us with our efforts.

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